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What size bin should I order?

Bin Size Calculator

  • We recommend ordering one size bigger if in doubt for two reasons;
  • People often find more to off-load than originally intended when they start a clean-up of any sort, the extra space in a bigger bin can always get used.
  • Most people underestimate the amount they can dispose of from their home or work site. Quite often skip bin hire companies receive calls from their customers after they have loaded their first bin and say, “can you bring me another one, I have filled this one already.”
  • The money you can save by going to the next size bin is most often cheaper than ordering an additional bin. But if you if you have to order another bin the smallest can be as much as an additional $300.
  • Skip bin sizes are always expressed in cubic metres. The table below shows approximate equivalences of cubic metres to the well-known sizes of a box trailer and a wheelie bin.
  • Remember, skip bins can only be filled level with the top. Overflowing skip bins are illegal to be transported, so please make sure you are choosing the correct size to hire.
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