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Quick tips when hiring a skip

  • Ask does hire cost include tipping fees?
  • Be clear whether quoted price includes GST
  • Confirm hire period, early pick ups are generally no problem.
  • Understand that if your bin delivery is late, don’t be harsh with the driver, they face difficult deliveries & pickups and heavy traffic among other issues, no driver or waste contractor wants to be late deliberately.
  • Try to locate your bin on private property, council permit fees may apply otherwise.
  • Be honest with the content of the waste, it will only cause problems when the driver collects the waste.
  • Light waste has no dirt, brick, concrete, tiles or rubble of any type.
  • Do you need a gate for wheelbarrow access?
  • Some waste companies offer discounted rates for clean brick or concrete rubble, soil or greenwaste, but be diligent in making sure there are absolutely no contaminants, the third party recycler will just reload the contents and the skip company will lose money.
  • Do not fill the bin past the rim of the bin, it’s illegal for the bin to be transported if overloaded.
  • Loading full paint tins can cause damage to the skip operators truck, when they break open when tipping they cause damage to the trucks paint work.
  • Loading any amount of asbestos in the bin causes extensive issues and expense at the landfill, everything you place in the bottom of the bin ends up on the top of the pile when offloaded, it is law that it is returned to its place of origin.

Mistakes you can make when Hiring a Skip

Spend a Few Minutes Find the Best Deal on Skip Bin Hire

One of the most common mistakes that people make when hiring a skip bin is settling on the first available skip hire company they come across. Hiring a skip bin without taking time compare quotes will lead you to poor service or overpaying for the skip bin. It will also reduce your chance of getting the best deal available that comparing quotes will allow you to do.

Spend a Few Minutes Find the Best Deal on Skip Bin Hire

Some people make the mistake of hiring the wrong size of skip bin for their needs, ending up with a small skip that doesn’t quite accommodate the amount of waste they need to dispose of. The best way of avoiding this error is by having an accurate estimate of the rubbish to be disposed of. If practical, gather all of the waste to where the skip will be placed to get a good estimate of the volume of the rubbish and then calculate an estimate using our Waste Volume Estimator. It will help you to hire the right size skip bin that is suitable for your need.

Spend a Few Minutes Find the Best Deal on Skip Bin Hire

People can make the mistake of disposing of the wrong types of waste materials into a skip bin. Skips are meant to collect non-hazardous waste, and there are materials that are not legal to be loaded in a skip bin. To avoid this mistake, make sure to ask the skip bin hire company what materials are not allowed in the skip. You can also give the skip hire company an idea of the types of materials you are going to dispose of so that they can provide you with the suitable bin for your wastes. See our FAQ’s for more info on permitted waste types.

Spend a Few Minutes Find the Best Deal on Skip Bin Hire

Don’t make the mistake of overfilling a skip bin; skip bin hire companies do not accept overloaded skip bins because the limitations of loading them are indicated on the Terms and Conditions as a requirement for a very good reason. These terms need to be followed as transporting overfilled skip bins is illegal for the truck driver attracting hefty fines. So make sure to adhere to the loading capacity of the skip bin to avoid this mistake.

Spend a Few Minutes Find the Best Deal on Skip Bin Hire

Don’t forget there are recyclables in most waste that can be recycled. Green waste, scrap metal are completely recyclable and should be sent to recycling depots. Sorting your waste can help you maximize the available space of the skip bin you hire and will also help the environment.

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